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We offer a Giclee printing service, this means we can expertly print your image, and make any adjustments you require. Such as colour adjustments, cropping, re-sizing, and any photoshop work. Photoshop work includes; photo restoration, colour adjustments, image clean up and many others. All of our equipment is custom colour calibrated to ensure colour accuracy and only the best inks are used with a blue wool scale rating of 6, which means light fastness for 85+ years.

We offer several paper types which include (click for more info):


230gsm Heavy Mat Paper.untextured, Acid free and archival. 
Great for digital artwork that wants a smooth matt finish.



300gsm, 100% Cotton Rag Smooth Fine art paper. 
Its ultra smooth surface has a soft velvet feel. The moment you pick up this beautiful inkjet paper you immediately appreciate what it can do for your images.


300gsm, 25% cotton, 75% Alpha-Cellulose.
Textured, perfect for reproduction of water colours and oils, it also gives photos a more artistic look.


360gsm Cotton canvas
Great for photos and artwork alike, a choice of either satin or mat varnish is available.

Photoshop Work

Original Image Original
Modified Image Edited

Photo Restoration.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Edited

Photo Enhancment and removal of people/objects.

Price Lists


We specialise in doing colour accurate reproductions of your original artwork. We can expertly scan your artwork and calibrate the colours to your requirements. Whether you need it to be 100% accurate to the original or completely change the colours to create a different picture. This is all done at our Handsworth Branch.

We also offer a mounted, backed and bagged service, with this you would receive your images printed to the size required, and mounted with acid free mount board, backed and put in a cellophane bag ready for sale. All prices and sizes can be found by viewing our price lists, or we can tailor the prices to your requirements.

If you would like any information, don't hesitate to contact us and we can work out prices for you.



If you require you artwork scanning for a website or if you want to do reproductions we can do this for you. Scanning is much better than photographing as you can get much sharper images which will allow you to do bigger better quality prints without the image pixelating or breaking up. When we have scanned your artwork we will show you how big your image will go and we can advise you on what size to do it, all of our equipment is calibrated to ICC standards, so what you see on the screen is what will be printed.

If you are happy with our service, please leave a review.

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